Who We Believe In

Who We Believe In

Foundation for Foster Children

We have been founding supporters of the FFC since they began in 2007. The FFC enriches the lives of foster children by providing opportunities for normalcy – to nurture their ability to succeed as individuals and members of our community. We have personally seen what this organization can do for these kids – it’s transformational!

Grace Medical Home

We were introduced to Grace by some friends quite a few years ago. Grace Medical Home serves as a missing link in Central Florida’s healthcare system by providing an exceptional medical practice offering ongoing primary care needs of prevention, wellness and sick care to the low income, underserved of Central Florida. Many of the patients who are served by Grace never focused on prevention of illness, only cure. They now have the ability to be a partner with Grace in working towards a healthy life with continuous, stable care by health professionals.

Howard Phillips Center

We were introduced to the Howard Phillips Center just a couple of years ago. The Howard Phillips Center for Children & Families provides dignity and healing for children, families and individuals who face overwhelming challenges like child abuse, sexual trauma, developmental disabilities, and lack of access to medical care. Again, a need for this underserved community that is not met in the current healthcare system.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation

Sadly, we were introduced to this in 2011 when Clancey represented the mother of one of the teenagers who was killed in a horrific accident. Their mission is to save lives through raising awareness and educating teens to Always Wear Your Seatbelt, if not for yourself, for Laura & Eddie. These two teens would likely not have died if they had been wearing their seatbelts.

Orlando Ballet and Orlando Ballet School

We have been involved with the professional company and school since 2004. We feel that the recognition of artistic endeavor and the encouragement of artistic expression are paramount to the well-being of our community. We support the Orlando Ballet and thank all of the dancers for their willingness to share their gift of dance.

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