Birth Trauma / Birth related Injuries

Birth Trauma / Birth related Injuries

Birth trauma or injuries to a baby related to the birthing process can be some of the most catastrophic injuries possible. Such injures are often lifelong with consequences for the child and parents lasting decades. Birth injuries and birth trauma can affect the child both physically and cognitively. Matters involving birth trauma and birth injuries are some of the most perplexing and complex cases in the legal profession and require experienced and well-funded counsel to investigate and litigate them properly.

Birth trauma cases range from injuries to the brachial plexus nerve complex, often occasioned by shoulder dystocia events, to skull injuries and malformations. Birth injuries usually center on injuries to the brain of the child due to lack of oxygen to the fetus during the labor and delivery process. In many instances, birth trauma and birth injuries are completely avoidable with careful monitoring of the mother and baby during the labor process. Contact Bounds Law Group today at (407) 644-5151 or use our on-line submission form to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your birth injury legal matter.


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